CFP – Politics of Place – new peer-reviewed postgraduate journal

–an interesting opportunity for graduate students–

Politics of Place is a peer-reviewed journal for postgraduates. It publishes exceptional research focusing on the relationship between culture and spatiality in works of literature, engaging particularly with issues of nationhood, community, class, marginality, and the self. The journal places specific emphasis on the complex interactions between physical environments and human activity.

The journal is now seeking submissions for the first issue, the focus of which will be ‘MAPS AND MARGINS’. For this issue, we are keen to receive papers that deal with ideas of space, place, mapping, journeying, and discovery. We want to explore notions of mapping from the physical to metaphysical and metaphorical, and to cast light upon margins of the self and society – within the page, beyond the page, or beyond the map. To be considered for this issue, papers must be received by 30 JUNE 2012.

To find out more about the journal and how to submit, please

Politics of Place is supported by ECLIPSE (the Exeter Centre for Literatures of Identity, Place, Sustainability, and the Environment), which is based in the Department of English at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus – internationally recognized for its leading research in this field.

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