sustainability and spanish

What is funny, sad, unique, horrible, weird, beautiful, outrageous, boring or inspiring about where you live?

How do places shape our sense of self and community? How does where we live impact us and how do we impact where we live?

A Spanish teacher where I work found this fascinating contest from Quito, Ecuador.  Entrants each wrote a story of no more than 100 words anchored in some way to the city of Quito.  Students can explore the stories, delving into the diversity of writers, themes and tone, and compare them with each other and their own experiences.  They can vote for their favorites or use the stories as a model for personal place-based reflections.  The class could even collect their reflections or stories about a particular place and share or exchange them with others.

In addition to the stories, Microquito is filled with photographs and artwork.  A few categories in…

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