One of the sights of Edinburgh, a semi-abandoned furniture store built as a Wild West movie set. You find it in an alley on the north side of Springvalley Gardens, near a small bit of recent infill housing. The store specialised in southwestern-US style pieces, hence the western concept. It is quite brilliantly done, however, so perfectly integrated into the alley that it manages to look appropriate and surreal at the same time. In a superb conceit, the emergency exit to Morningside Library is also the Cantina. Whoever did this was a genius. The store, I understand, was a failure from the start, and there are now some ominous-looking building works going on. See it before it disappears.

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About Richard J Williams

Professor of contemporary visual cultures and head of history of art at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Books on cities include 'The Anxious City' (Routledge, 2004), 'Brazil' (Reaktion 2009), 'Regenerating Culture and Society' (edited with Jonathan Harris, LUP 2010), and 'Sex and Buildings' (Reaktion, 2013). Writing a new book about Reyner Banham.

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