Progressive Geographies

The conference of Ruti Sela and Mayaan Amir’s ‘Exterritory‘ project in Paris was a really interesting event. Sponsored by the Kadist Foundation and the Evens Foundation, it was held in a remarkable space – LeComptoir Général. As the rain came down, it was somehow directed into channels to water the plants in the room which were growing through holes in the floor. A strange soundtrack to the bi-lingual event. I saw a mouse run between the plants at one point. I delivered a short version of a paper that is largely on Shakespeare, exile, externality and territory. I concentrated on Coriolanus and The Tempest, with some remarks on Titus Andronicus and As You Like It. I cut almost all the discussion of Richard II for time reasons.

I confess I found the technical set-up hard to work with – handheld microphones, an interpreter facing you and speaking…

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