CFP–Journal of Urban Culture Research vol. 5 (deadline Aug 15, 2012)

Call for Papers

Journal of Urban Culture Research Vol. 5

Deadline August 15, 2012 –


Beyond Kyoto: Art, Culture, and the Eco-city

The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok invites contributions of papers to its Journal of Urban Culture Research (JUCR) – see website listed above.

JUCR aims to encourage researchers, artists, and those involved in urban planning to seek cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural practices aimed at fostering the sustainable development of vibrant, livable cities and promoting cultural continuity. Papers addressing one or more of the following issues are welcome:

Note: These questions are an attempt to suggest a positive response from the world of the arts and art research to the doomsday atmosphere attached to the year 2012 by focusing on beginnings and not endings.

• How can the art communities offer incentives and the leadership necessary to face our urban environmental challenges?

• How can artists respond to doomsday scenarios by creating alternative visions of urban sustainability?

• What are model design projects and proposals for eco-friendly urban spaces?

• What is the place of the arts in enabling urban communities to preserve their historic character and cultural legacy?

• What is the role of internet user-generated art (online communication and social networking) in creating forms of an alternative virtual urbanity?

In short: How do we create space for everyone to participate in imaging and crafting our ecocities of the future?

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