Here is a very interesting initiative from Giacomo Andreucci, Post-Doctoral fellow from Università di Bologna who is developing a database of maps appearing in literature, as well as in movies and TV productions.

The project Maps in Literature makes freely accessible to students and researchers a literary corpus of text quotations of maps ranging from the ancient classic world literature to the contemporary one. The project is meant as an open initiative and everyone interested in suggesting new quotations can contribute. To contribute please contact us at

Dr Strangelove - George C. Scott (aka General Turgidson) with the “big board” in the background showing in near real-time the position of the B52s flying toward their Soviet targets.

I am interested in Giacomo’s project because I have also been gathering cinematic map for about a decade. My favorite ones are the one from M (Fritz Lang 1931)  (as I believe it is the first “modern” map as it prefigures many of the current functions of contemporary digital cartography) as well as the one from Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942)…

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