Photo @ Chiapas Denuncia Pública

A group of families residing in the first so-called Sustainable Rural City of the world, ejido Nuevo Juan de Grijalva, municipality of  Ostuacán, denounced persecution and harassment on the part of police in response to peaceful protests demanding that the government observe its promises and the payment of debts incurred following the disaster which occurred in the community in 2007.  Eight members of the community and their lawyer have been detained since 13 April in the prison of Pichucalco, Chiapas.  The affected demand their liberty, that their rights be respected, and that the harassment and repression directed by authorities against residents of Nuevo Juan de Grijalva stop.

According to testimony by the affected, the repressive actions began on 17 March past when the ejidatari@s affected by the November 2007 landslides in the community Juan de Grijalva carried out a protest with the end of calling attention…

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