Upcoming conferences related to Urban Cultural Studies

The Society for Cinema and Media Studies has a conference in 2013 in Chicago March 6-10 and in 2014 in Seattle and an Urban Studies Scholarly Interest Group [sign up here].

The Association for American Geographers has the next conference April 9 to 13 2013 in Los Angeles (and of course features numerous sessions on cities], and is actively promoting connections with the humanities–see this book and also this one.

There’s the Modern Language Association, which features a growing number of scholars interested in cities and spatial theory (even if still largely devoted to more traditional approaches), with the next conference in Boston, Jan 3-6, 2013.

Also the Cultural Studies Association, which has a new journal launched in 2012 named Lateral (2012 conference starts tomorrow March 28, no dates posted for 2013).

Finally the Urban History Association, currently featuring a call for conference papers on THE COSMOPOLITAN METROPOLIS (Columbia University; New York City October 26-28, 2012).

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