the mobile city (the still city)

Given a long tradition on urban movement from G. Simmel to J. Jacobs–and that there’s a growing body of work on the city as flow, mobility–there’s a seemingly complementary contribution to the following book by Ella Chmielewska at the U of Edinburgh titled “Stillness” that looks interesting (I remember the philosopher Henri Bergson having a lot to say about the relationship between movement and stillness), looks like a good read:


Editorial Reviews

[repost from] BLDG blog:
“The pamphlet, which will explore a series of post-industrial sites in the city of Warsaw”a desolate area of disused freight rail tracks, commercial lots, gasometer buildings and other industrial apparatus,” as the architects describe its more explicitly narrative. “Our design process could be described as an investigation… of resilient landscapes,” they summarize.”

new book: Henri Lefebvre on Space

A review of Henri Lefebvre on Space (U Minnesota P, 2012) is now available at the journal Space and Culture:

Ɫukacz Stanek’s book on the French urban sociologist Henri Lefebvre is a detailed, well-researched and balanced account of both Lefebvre’s intellectual biography and the development of his conceptual frameworks…” [read more at the journal’s website]