Music and urban geography

One of the areas I hope the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (see previous post) will address is the intersection of Music and the City.

One scholar who has done a great job of linking these two areas is Sara Cohen at the University of Liverpool School of Music.

Here are two of her books:


Along with others, Cohen has edited (for example) an important special issue of the journal Popular Music History on “music, characterization and urban space.” (see your library’s Academic Search Premiere for *.pdf access to that special issue introduction).

Let us know if you are working on similar topics!

Coming Soon: Journal of Urban Cultural Studies

Coming (relatively) soon, with an international publisher:

Journal of Urban Cultural Studies

Launching with its first issue in late-2013 or 2014, the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies is a peer-reviewed publication devoted to research centered on urban themes and cutting across both the humanities and the social sciences. Articles (between 7,000-10,000 words including works cited) should give more or less equal weight to: a) one or more aspects of urban studies (everyday life, built environment, architecture, city planning, identity formation, transportation…) and b) one or more specific forms of cultural (textual) production (literature, film, music, art, graffiti…) in relation to a specific urban space or spaces. The journal is open to studies that deal with culture, urban spaces and forms of urbanized consciousness the world over.

Please contact the editor at